Watch this space for progress reports as we sprint to the finish line — our Grand Opening in September.

We’ve moved in to the theater on Calvert Street, even as the construction continues. To passersby in the busy downtown legal and business district,  Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s arrival is a scene. Rental trucks pull up and CSC staff members unload racks of period clothing, bags of foam swords, baskets of rubber snakes, antique typewriters, kitchen supplies.  People who work nearby in office towers are asking: Exactly who are those new neighbors?  

Meanwhile, Southway Builders has returned to continue working on the second mezzanine.  Also, the back wall of the stage, which we have dubbed “the chameleon wall,” has gone up panel by panel (it is so named because each section can be changed out to create a new backdrop for the plays). On the first mezzanine, subcontractors are adjusting the bright red, padded bench seating. People scurry on every level of the building, and the sound of power tools grinding and the clang of metal on metal seems amplified (our lovely yellow acoustical panels are obviously doing their job). There is a steady stream of vendors. There’s still much work to do.

CSC’s Technical Director Daniel OCSCInterior2-for-WebLOWRes‘Brien is adjusting the fire alarms, phones, sound systems, and lighting (in between his making road trips to empty CSC’s many storage units of props and costumes in Howard County).  He is also planning sets for our coming production. Dan paused recently to hang our show poster for A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Calvert Street: What’s obvious to us is still a revelation to the hundreds of business people and area residents who walk by each day. Some stop and point, and a few have come in to look around. A wine vendor brought samples for tasting and a restaurant sent over pastries. Some of our kind downtown business neighbors are distributing our subscription brochures to their customers.

We’re making progress only because we have your support. We’re grateful for every contribution to the capital campaign. With your help, we are close to our goal and our Grand Opening. You can help make this dream come true for Baltimore: There’s still time to support our capital campaign so we can finish the job. To contribute, click HERE.