We are grateful to our "friends," individual donors who have contributed more than $1,000 to the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Isabelle Anderson                               
Laura Boydston and Robin Suileman           
Bob and Jan Busch                                            
Jane Coffey and Art Renkwitz                        
Hacky Clark and Peter Dubeau                      
Jeff and Carolyn Crooks                                  
John Eisner and Jennifer Dorr White              
Robert and Susan Erich                                    
The Fletcher-Hill Family                                                   
The Gallanar Family                                          
Joe and Lou Ann Gallanar                                                               
Frank Gannon                                     
Judith Golding and Robert Brager   
Carole and Scott Greenhaus                            
Scott Helm                                                           
Robin and Don Hough                                      
William Jongeward and Mary McDermott    
Kenny and Henrietta Kan
Chris and Mary Ellen Kiehne 
Bea and Norm Leopold                                    
Jay and Jenny Leopold
Laddie Levy                                                        
Robert Lienhardt and Barbara Leons            
Lesley Malin                                                        
Stephen and Joanne Malin  
Jack and Donna McCann                
Janet and Tom McGlynn                                  
Mary Ellen McTague                                         
Wade and Nancy Meadows             
Robert Middleton                               
Dan and Heidi Moylan    

Carrie and John Pirie                                          
Linda and Jeff Pieplow                                     
Earl Pratt and Kelly Emerson                           
Robert Prince                                                       
Lynn Puckett
Kathleen and Rich Rattell                                
Emily and John D. Rockefeller V                    
Sharon and Michael Runge                              
James Spragins   
Walter and Brenda Stone
Michael and Joanna Sullivan                          
The Vitullo Family
(in memory of Marshall Vitullo)