The Providence Fund

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JUST $28 provides a ticket and bus transportation for one child to a CSC matinee!

We know that lots of kids don’t have much chance to see Shakespeare on the stage—they read it in books in school. So it is no surprise to us that lots of students think that Shakespeare is boring, or “not meant for them.”

That’s why we started our education programs in the first place. We want to make exploring Shakespeare an awesome experience for kids.

At CSC, we believe that Shakespeare is for Everyone, and that theatre can be transformational for kids. To that end, we are launching THE PROVIDENCE FUND to provide year-round financial assistance so that kids have access to help, not only to see a matinee of Romeo and Juliet, but to participate in all of our matinees, camps, and programs.

Our goal is pretty modest—just $5,000 to start this scholarship fund, which will be used as needed throughout the year to directly provide tuition, admission, and transportation for kids who couldn’t otherwise attend. We hope that you will join with us in this worthy, joyful effort to open all of our programs to the kids who need them most.

Just $28 provides a matinee experience for one child. $112 provides access for four children. $275 provides one week of camp. Every single gift has personal impact.


Click Here to Support the Providence Fund