Who’s Who: “A Christmas Carol”

Ebenezer Scrooge … Gregory Burgess+


Bob Cratchit … Steve Torres


Mrs. Cratchit and Ms. Winthrop … Molly Moores+


Fred and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come  … Elliott Kashner+


Dorothy (Fred’s wife) … Elana Michelle+


Young Scrooge and George William Brown … Terrance Fleming


Robert Cary Long, George Wilkens and Topper … Bart Debicki


Mr. Fezziwig and The Ghost of Christmas Present … Gregory Michael Atkin


Mrs. Fezziwig and Older Belle … Tamieka Chavis+


James (Older Belle’s husband) and Josiah … Michael Toperzer


The Ghost of Christmas Past and Laura  … Emily Karol


The Ghost of Jacob Marley and Chickenman … Steven Hoochuk


Marian and Caroline … Kate Forton+


Jill, the fiddler … Ellie Cattle


Director of A Christmas CarolGerrad Alex Taylor+


+ CSC Company Member

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