Who’s Who: The Cast of She Stoops to Conquer



Mr. Hardcastle … Ron Heneghan*+

Mrs. Hardcastle, Tony Lumpkin and Mr. Hardcastle



Mrs. Hardcastle … Lesley Malin+


Tony Lumpkin  … Elliott Kashner+

Kate Hardcastle and Constance Neville



Kate Hardcastle … Anna DiGiovanni


Constance Neville … Elana Michelle+

Mr. Hardcastle, Hastings and Marlow



George Hastings … Gerrad Alex Taylor*+

Marlow … Brendan Edward Kennedy

Tony Lumpkin and Stingo

Sir Charles Marlow and Stingo, the landlord … Brendan Murray


Maggie, a maid and Molly, a barkeep … Abigail Funk


Tony Lumpkin and Drinking buddies

Jack Slang, a drinking buddy and Diggory, a servant … Gregory Atkin



Roger, a servant and Dick Muggins, a drinking buddy … Tim Neil


Fiddler and ensemble … Carol Spring


Musicians: Carol Spring (fiddle), Tim Neil (guitar), Brendan Murray (mandolin), Gregory Atkin (tambourine)

+ CSC Company Member
* Actors’ Equity Member
All show photos by C. Stanley Photography.
Constance Neville photo and Group Cast Photo by K. Rudgers.


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