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Directed by Ian Gallanar
By William Shakespeare

On a Midsummer’s night, four young lovers find themselves
in an enchanted forest where sprites lurk and fairies rule.

Under a love potion’s spell, the couples pursue each other
while the fairy King’s servant helps their master play a trick on the fairy Queen.
In the end, the magic is reversed, and the couples reconcile and marry. All you need is love

Director, Founding Artistic Director - Ian Gallanar*
Associate Artistic Director -
Séamus Miller*
Touring Technical Director/ Wagon Fabricator -
Chester Stacy*
Stage Manager, Dramaturg - 
Jalice Ortiz Corral
Assistant Stage Manager -
 Kaitlyn Napora Johnson
Production/ Program Manager - 
Bri Manente*
Costume Designer - 
Julie Cray Leong
Sound Designer, Audio Engineer - 
Kristina Manente
Set Designer - Joseph B. Musumeci Jr.
Props Designer - 
Sierra Ho
Mask Fabricator - Waxing Moon Masks: Tara Cariaso
Puppet Fabricator - Matt-a-Magical


Lysander is in love with Hermia - Willem Rogers
Hermia is in love with Lysander - Angela Whittaker+
Demetrius is also in love with Hermia - Joshua Williams
Helena is in love with Demetrius - Jacqueline Youm+

Egeus, Hermia’s Father - Michael P. Sullivan*
Philostrate, sevant to the Duke - Molly Moores*

Theseus, Duke of Athens - JC Payne+
Hippolyta, Thesus’ future bride - Elana Michelle*+

Francis Flute, a bellows-mender - Tyrel Brown+
Peter Quince, a carpenter - Kathryne Daniels*
Nick Bottom, a weaver - Gary DuBreuil
Snug, a joiner - Theodore Sherron III
Snout, a tinker - Michael P. Sullivan*

Musician - Neel Madan

Cobweb - Aura Gallanar
Moth - Angela Whittaker
Mustardseed - Jacqueline Youm+
Peaseblossom - Molly Moores*
Puck, servant to Oberon - Emily Sucher
Titania, the fairy Queen - Elana Michelle*+
Oberon, the fairy King - JC Payne+


Director/Founding Artistic Director - Ian Gallanar*
Associate/Musical Director - Séamus Miller*
Program Manager - Bri Manente*
Tech Director/Wagon Fabricator - Chester Stacy*
Stage Manager/Dramaturg - Jalice Ortiz–Corral
Assistant Stage Manager - Kaitlyn Johnston–Napora
Costume Designer - Julie Cray Leong
Sound Designer/Audio Engineer - Kristina Manente
Set Designer - Joseph B. Musumeci Jr.
Props Designer - Sierra Ho
Fight/Intimacy Director - Mallory Shear
Fight Captain - Joshua Williams
Magic Captain - JC Payne
Acting Company Manager - Molly Moores*
Mask Fabricator - Tara Cariaso, Waxing Moon Masks
Magic Consultants - Annie Montone & Brian Kehoe, The Encounter LLC
CREW - Eva Hill, Nick Huber, Donald Imm, Emily Jaster, George Koester III,  Dan O’ Brien, Sebastian Sachs, Michael St. Clair

* CSC Company Member
+ Member for the Black Classical Acting Ensemble