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Our latest initiative is Shakespeare Beyond, a program that brings performances, classes and arts experiences to our neighbors across the State of Maryland. Shakespeare Beyond features CSC’s Shakespeare Wagon, a completely mobile, self-contained performance venue that can travel to any outdoor location in the state and, in a set-up of less than two hours, provide exciting, entertaining performances for hundreds of patrons.

Shakespeare Beyond also features free arts residencies in public spaces, offering classes and workshops in theater, visual arts, music and multidisciplinary arts with the goal of teaching, learning and collaborating with community arts groups.

Directed by Séamus Miller*
By William Shakespeare

On a Midsummer’s night, four young lovers find themselves
in an enchanted forest where sprites lurk and fairies rule.

Under a love potion’s spell, the couples pursue each other
while the fairy King’s servant helps their master play a trick on the fairy Queen.
In the end, the magic is reversed, and the couples reconcile and marry. All you need is love

CSC Founding Artistic Director, Shakespeare Beyond Executive Producer - Ian Gallanar*
CSC Producing Executive Director - Lesley Malin*
Director, Associate Artistic Director - Seamus Miller*
Stage Manager - Eva Hill
Production Manager - Marshall B Garrett*
Music Director - Emily Erickson
Fight and Intimacy Direction - Bess Kaye
Production Architect, Technical Director - Chester Stacy*
Technical Supervisor - Griffin DeLisle
Props Designer - Katherine Offutt Ross
Costume Designer - Joan Mather
Sound Designer, Audio Engineer - Eyobed Tadesse


Lysander is in love with Hermia - Joshua Olujide
Hermia is in love with Lysander - Keri Anderson
Demetrius is also in love with Hermia - Theodore Sherron III
Helena is in love with Demetrius - Kate Forton*

Egeus, Hermia’s Father - Nathan Garcia
Philostrate, sevant to the Duke - Lloyd Ekpe*+

Theseus, Duke of Athens - José Guzman*
Hippolyta, Thesus’ future bride - Molly Moores*

Francis Flute, a bellows-mender - Tyrel Brown+
Peter Quince, a carpenter - B'Jion Wright+
Nick Bottom, a weaver - Greg Burgess*
Snug, a joiner - Lloyd Ekpe*+
Snout, a tinker - Nathan Garcia

Musicians - Stephen Kime, B'jion Wright, Lloyd Ekpe, Aura Gallanar

Cobweb - Aura Gallanar
Moth -Tyrel Brown*+
Mustardseed - Keri Anderson
Peaseblossom - Kate Forton*
Puck, servant to Oberon - Stephen Kime
Titania, the fairy Queen - Molly Moores*
Oberon, the fairy King - José Guzman*

Drew Sharpe, Tia Thomas


Founding Artistic Director, Shakespeare Beyond Executive Producer - Ian Gallanar*
CSC Producing Executive Director - Lesley Malin*
Director, Associate Artistic Director - Seamus Miller*
Stage Manager - Eva Hill
Production Manager - Marshall B Garrett*
Production Architect, Technical Director - Chester Stacy*
Costume Designer - Joan Mather
Props Designer - Katherine Offutt Ross
Fight and Intimacy Direction - Bess Kaye
Sound Designer, Audio Engineer - Eyobed Tadesse
Music Director - Emily Erickson
Assistant Director - Jule Nelson-Duac
Assistant Stage Manager - Sharon Zheng
Dance Consultant - Mari-Andrea Travis
Movement Consultant - Shayna Freedman
Dramaturg - Keith Snipes
Technical Supervisor - Griffin DeLisle
Wardrobe Crew - Megan Burns
Acting Company Manager - Molly Moores*
Community Engagement Manager - Tameika Chavis*
Community Engagement Specialist - Kathryne Daniels*
Shakespeare Beyond Education Coordinator - Molly Horton Booth*
COVID Safety Manager - Mandy Benedix*


* CSC Company Member
+ Member for the Black Classical Acting Ensemble