SEEKING:   Visual Artist-Graphic Designer  (contract)


7 South Calvert Street
Baltimore MD 21202

POSTED: June 18, 2015     

APPLY BY: July 3, 2015

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company in Baltimore seeks an experienced, skilled, and theater-loving VISUAL ARTIST-GRAPHIC DESIGNER in the Greater Baltimore/DC area who will be responsible on a contract basis for the visual presentation of upcoming shows and events across a variety of media — including show posters and postcards, print and digital advertising, production of show programs and company newsletters, website graphics, brochures, fundraising and event collateral, and other projects as needed to support the theater’s mission and branding.

Working with the Artistic Director, Managing Director, and Communications Director, the artist will be responsible for all aspects of design projects from conceptualization through completion. Chesapeake Shakespeare Company is known for the quality of its graphics, and seeks an artist who has experience designing for a theater company or another entertainment venue. 


Familiarity with Shakespeare’s works is more than a plus: You will be called on to capture in your art the essence of his masterpieces. See example above, showing our recent promotions. Demonstrate attention to detail, including the theater company’s branding, visual, and historical detail (such as period costume), and spelling.  Must be deadline-driven. Top-notch digital design skills are paramount; illustration skills are helpful but not required.


- Collaborate with managers and directors to develop exciting designs that promote CSC shows and meet the theater company’s institutional branding and marketing objectives.

- Complete high-quality art, graphic design, and desktop publishing projects — from conceptualization to delivery — in a deadline-driven environment.

- Projects will include design, layout and typesetting for program books and newsletters; graphic design for  postcards, posters, and other print collateral; graphic art for the company website; print and digital advertising to promote upcoming productions and institutional initiatives; and design projects such as rack cards and brochures supporting development campaigns, education programs, and other corporate initiatives. Digital projects will include (and will not be limited to) web banners, mobile advertising, electronic billboards, HTML eblasts, ad art for Facebook.  House ads for show programs, and resizing of campaigns for a variety of print and web publications.

– Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are a must. Contractor must have his/her own computer and appropriate software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

–Must be a cheerful and willing collaborator. The designer will work with our staff, with other artistic contractors including photographers, and with our vendor partners including printers and advertisers.

–Deliver art that meets each project’s camera-ready or web-ready specifications. Candidate must have experience working with printing companies. This includes a thorough understanding of pre-press requirements and terminology (such as “Bleed,” “Crop Area,” and “Live Area” and the differences between color modes CMYK/Print vs RGB/Screen.

–Must be available occasionally to travel in the Greater Baltimore area to meet with theater staff or visit printers to review proofs.

- Strong visual editing, word editing and spelling skills are needed. Ensure quality control for design projects. Understand (or be willing to learn) copyright restrictions and permissions required when using supplied or bought art and partner logos, and when working with Equity contract actors. Archive all content and finished art. All finished art will be owned by Chesapeake Shakespeare Company.

– Must be available to produce promotional materials and programs needed all year long.  Hours per week during the show season will vary. This is not a one-off project or a show-by-show gig. This is a contract/freelance commitment with hourly compensation commensurate with experience. And we get it — we may need two or three artists on call to handle work this varied. So please show us your best work.

APPLY BY:  July 3, 2015. 


–Your resume

–A brief letter of interest, describing your design work for theater.

–The ideal candidates for this contract will have demonstrated strengths in digital and print design and in publishing. If you consider yourself a specialist at part but not all of this job description, your interest letter should clearly identify your strengths and specialties – and what you don’t do.  If you don’t do print, or you don’t do program layout, for example, we need to know that.

–Please submit up to 6 work samples: Please show us your original posters and postcards for theater productions. Please show us a couple samples of print and/or digital advertising designs. If you’ve created and produced a theater program or playbill, we’d like to see a sample.

–Please submit a postcard concept.  It can be a rough sketch or photo illustration, but give us an idea of what you would do as a postcard promotion for Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, which we will produce this year. The play will be set in London in the World War I period.

Please submit the above materials as a digital portfolio, or send a Dropbox gallery link to Jean Thompson, Communications Manager, at

DEADLINE: July 3, 2015