CSC’s education programs align with our approach to performance. Our focus is first on the text, how Shakespeare’s language gives us clear thinking and profound emotion, how that text becomes embodied in physical characterization and expression, and finally how that text is shared with and for our audience.

Our mission is to break down the barriers between Shakespeare and audience, and we believe fervently that the best time to do this is before they have a chance to be built up. Our Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Teaching Artists provide a non-competitive environment in which students grow, learn, prepare, and laugh together. We work very hard to help students of all ages – from grade school through university and beyond – discover for themselves “What makes Shakespeare so great?” 


Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s student matinee program focuses on supporting and augmenting the curriculum in reading and language arts, speaking and listening, and fine arts for school districts across the state. 

We carefully choose the plays that we designate for inclusion in the student matinee program, align the artistic choices in the production to the expectations and outcomes that public and private teachers have for their students, and assess the program’s effectiveness immediately after every performance.

This season’s matinees include Macbeth,  A Christmas Carol, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet.

Click here to see the matinee calendar, school rates, and details. To reserve school group tickets or obtain more information, please contact Ron Heneghan, Director of Education, (410) 244-8571, ext. 113.


We dug into ou
r scene to find the meaning of all the parts… it was super fun!”
                                             -8th grade student, Clarksville Middle School, HCPSS

Embedded directly into your ELA class schedule, CSC Teaching Artists give your students the tools to grapple with the dense and beautiful poetry of Shakespeare. Standard five-day and 10-day residencies for a single grade, eight-day to 12-day residencies for all middle school schedule. 

We serve home, private, and public schools in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, District of Columbia, and parts of Pennsylvania. Separate days for ESOL available.

We have prepared: Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, Comedy of Errors, Merchant of Venice, King Lear, Much Ado About NothingTo schedule a residency, please contact Ron Heneghan, Director of Education, (410) 244-8571, Ext. 113. 


Since opening its doors in January 2017, The Studio has served as Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s premier space for classes, rehearsals, alternative performances, and community events.

This gorgeous venue just next door to the theater is home to our adult and youth learning programs. With a ballroom-size open floor and capacity of 125 seats, The Studio serves our day camps, School’s Out Shakespeare, afterschool and weekend programs, community education and engagement events,  professional artist development opportunities, and a variety of classes and enrichment opportunities for kids, teens, young adult, and adult learners of varying experience levels and professional or personal goals.  Non-actors and actors are welcome here. 

Click here to see what’s being offered this semester for youth and adults at The Studio at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. Questions? Please contact Gerrad Alex Taylor, Associate Artistic Director and Director, The Studio, (410) 244-8571, ext. 108.


For more information about any of our Education Programs, please email 

Gerrad Alex Taylor, Director, The Studio, 410.244.8571, ext. 108
Ron Heneghan, Director of Education, 410.244.8571, ext. 113.